Synthetic Slings

AmSteel®-Blue Heavy Lift Synthetic Slings & Grommets.

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AmSteel®-Blue is a torque-free 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for-size, is the same strength as steel—but it’s so light, it floats. AmSteel®-Blue is an excellent wire rope replacement with extremely low stretch, and superior flex fatigue and wear resistance.

A size-for-size wire rope replacement made with Dyneema® fibre, 12-strand AmSteel®-Blue is easy to inspect and splice in the field, and is available in high-visibility colours. AmSteel®-Blue is Samson’s most popular and versatile, high-performance synthetic rope therefore our choice for heavy lift applications.

With specially trained Master Splicers and a purpose-built production hall with adapted splicing equipment, we are able to produce extremely large diameter synthetic slings or grommets. Additionally, we have the equipment to pre-stretch during and proof load after production which gives us an advantage when length tolerances are essential.


> Lifting Sling / Offshore

> Synthetic Extension Pendant

> Winch Line / Offshore

> Working Line / Offshore


> Easy to inspect

> Flexible

> Floats

> Highly flex-fatigue resistant

> Maximum strength-to-weight ratio

> Samthane coated

> Similar elastic elongation to wire rope

> Torque-free construction

> UV stabilized

> Abrasion resistant

> Easy to splice

> Excellent wear characteristics

> Extremely low stretch

> High strength

> Lightweight

> Wire rope replacement

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