Ultra-Heavy loads
we’ll handle them for you
Our rope end terminations
proven to be the ultimate holding point
Whereever, extreme lengths,
heights, depths or the heaviest of weights have to be handled.
Our equipment provides safety.
We can supply you with all-round „Total Lifting Solutions


Our operations and highly competent inspectors offer flexible services to suit your needs.

The United Offshore Team

Our employee’s fall-back on many years of work experience in the steel wire and synthetic rope industry.


We offer individual cable solutions for our clients with innovation, technology and passion for our products.

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  • Technology Leader
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UOS Grommetproduction


We are the foremost authority in the manufacture of large diameter steel wire and synthetic heavy hoisting sling and grommet solutions.

J.W. Visscher
United Offshore Services


Offloading / Handling 140 Mt reel

Offloading / Handling 140 Mt reel

This short video shows the moment when a gigantic reel containing steel wire rope with relevant rigging weighing 140 Mt was discharged at our premises in Moerdijk using the Sheerlegs HEBO-Lift 7 and DIOR Heavylift: Click here to view on YouTube

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