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Testing programs

United Offshore Services conducts several test programs. The programs are designed for different products and purposes. Key factors are safety, innovation, quality examination and product development. The test programs are conducted by means of our three tension testing machines. Our machines can handle various lengths and amounts of tension, respectively 65 meters (100MT), 165 meters (300MT) and 5,5 meters (1300MT).

Destruction testing

One of the three tension testing machines is a bit different from the other two. This is our 1.300MT testing machine. This specific machine is not only capable of performing proof loads but it can also perform destruction tests on steel wire- and synthetic ropes. We have several test programs to develop and innovate our own products. In consultation, the machine is also available for clients to perform tests on their products or equipment. Because of the complexity of the machine and due to the high risk factor the tests are conducted by our competent in-house experts.

Proof load testing and pre-stretching

Our tension testing machines can proof load of pre-tension slings, grommets and shackles, but there are more possibilities. The 100MT and 300MT machines are set-up so that the width of the testing object is not a restrictive factor for example. That makes it possible to test other lifting equipment such as spreaders. Proof loading or pre-stretching is not an integrated part of the production, although this could be performed upon request of the customer. Depending on the length and diameter of the sling, it will be placed in one of our tension testing machines. Testing should not exceed 40 % of the minimum breaking load (MBL), as loads exceeding this may cause permanent damage or distortion.

Shackle testing

Besides our services concerning steel wire ropes, we are experts in the inspection and testing of shackles. The advantage of this service is that it makes re-usage of shackles possible. First our well trained and experienced employees perform visual inspections to identify discard factors such as signs of damage through overloading, welding, torch cutting or other damage. If a shackle passes the initial inspection, it is subjected to a test load in our 1.300MT tension testing machine. This is in an effort to demonstrate the suitability for use. After the test the shackle is sandblasted, painted and then examined through Metal Particle Inspections (MPI). This inspection reveals damage on the shackle that can’t be seen through visual inspection alone. The extent of any damage is investigated and if the shackle does not conform with the standards it will be rejected for further use.

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