Lifting equipment storage and handling

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Lifting equipment storage and handling

The United Offshore Services site in Moerdijk has a total surface area of 30.000m2. Just over 6.000m2 is occupied by buildings and machinery, the rest is used for the handling and storage of stock and equipment. We make our terrain available for the storage of steel wire ropes and shackles of our customers. Port facilities nearby make it possible to offload goods from barges and ships. At our site we can unload trucks using our 300MT capacity crane for example. Because the yard area is very spacious, we are able to handle the hoisting equipment correctly. Handling and storage is carried out with own equipment operated by experienced employees with care and regard for the durability of our clients’ equipment. Upon arrival, all items are registered in our system so that we can determine the exact location at all times. Thanks to this we can ensure quick response times when customers require specific hoisting equipment. With these services we strive to relieve the operations of our clients and we do our utmost to satisfy their needs.

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