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Production of Cable-laid Grommets.

A cable-laid grommet is a sling in the form of a continuous/endless loop. Similar to the cable-laid rope, a grommet consists of 6 strands twisted around a core wire. Unlike a cable-laid rope, a grommet is produced from one single length of steel wire rope. That means that the ends of the wire rope are tucked into the grommet through a splicing process in order to form the core. The purpose use of a cable-laid grommet is similar to that of a cable-laid sling. United Offshore Services has the disposal over a grommet machine. The machine is unique and offers special features, amongst which the maximum diameter (up to 524 mm) and the possibility to control the tension during production of grommets. With the size of the current production facility, it is possible to create grommets with a circumference of up to 300 meters.

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