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Quality Assurance, Health, Safety and Environment.

United Offshore Services values high standards in Quality Assurance, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) as much as technical excellence. QHSE is aimed at preventing harm to people and the environment they work in. Being careful is an essential aspect of our business operations both onshore and offshore.

[one_second]United Offshore Services approach to QHSE is based on an integral management system. United Offshore Services employees can access QHSE manuals and tools at any time to verify that they are working in accordance with these procedures.

This management system allows us to offer our clients the reliable service they expect and assures them that compliance with QHSE standards is an integral part of the tender and project phases of our work.

[one_second]Through regular checks, we also guarantee that our suppliers meet our QHSE standards.

We expect all our employees to show commitment and demonstrate observable personal leadership in QHSE.

Click on the link for the most recent version of the ISO 9001:2015 Lloyd’s Register Certificate of Approval: LR-0025253-QMS-ENGUS-RVA

In addition, Lloyd’s Register Nederland B.V. was commissioned by United Offshore Services C.V. to provide independent assurance on the impartiality of its inspection body against the assurance criteria for the:

  • Inspection of by UOS new produced slings and grommets
  • Inspection and testing of used shackles
  • Inspection of used single laid slings and cable laid slings and grommets
  • Inspection of lengths of steel wire ropes including end connections
  • Inspection of synthetic ropes for lifting and towing appliances
  • Inspection of crane ropes (on board offshore vessels)
  • Inspection of lifting, rigging and lashing materials including, lifting beams pad-eyes etc.

Click on the link for the most recent version of this Lloyd’s Register Assurance Statement: ISO 17020:2012