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Production of Single-laid Slings.

A Flemish eye (also known as an offshore loop or a superloop) is a splice that is made from the loose end of a single-laid wire rope. The strands of the wire are partially unwound, then a loop is formed and the loose strands are plaited back to form the eye. The eye itself is called a soft eye, when a thimble is placed in the eye it is referred to as a hard eye. Finally, our pressing machine uses up to 2.500 tons of force to press a steel sleeve around the rope ends. This sleeve serves to keep the rope ends in place. Because most of our clients operate in the offshore industry we use steel sleeves which offer greater resistance to corrosion. When a single-laid wire rope is altered to form a Flemish eye, it influences the minimum breaking load (MBL) of the rope. Flemish eyes without sleeves generally offer about 75% percent of the total MBL of a wire rope, with a sleeve this increases to 90%. At United Offshore Services we produce slings to a length tolerance which shall not exceed ± 2 times the rope diameter or ± 0.5 % of the required length, whichever is greater. The length shall be measured under no tension unless otherwise specified. Proof loading of slings is not an integrated part of the production, although this could be performed if clearly requested by the customer.

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