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Regular inspection of hoisting equipment, especially before use, is critical.

Most of our clients operate in the offshore heavy lifting industry. The lifting equipment utilized by these clients is used extensively and under extreme conditions. Continuous optimal performance of the equipment is required as failure could have serious consequences. The best preventive measure is regular inspection of your equipment.

United Offshore Services has highly trained and certified inspectors which can assess the integrity of cable-laid ropes, cable-laid slings, cable-laid grommets, single-laid ropes, single-laid slings, synthetic ropes, synthetic slings, shackles, chain blocks and other hoisting equipment. You can choose to send your equipment to our premises for inspection but this is not a requirement. We also have inspectors who travel around the world to perform inspections of hoisting equipment on-site and on-board. After a full visual inspection and subject to suitability, our inspectors are permitted to issue an inspection report and confirming that the materials are suitable for further application. Inspections are performed with an eye for detail, findings are recorded and stored in our administration. Our inspectors hold valid offshore permits and work in accordance with international guidelines i.e. ILO 152, LOLER, ISO 8792 and the code of practice of safety and health in ports.

Curious? For more information you are welcome to contact our inspection/QHSE manager