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United Offshore Services – The world foremost authority in the manufacture of large diameter heavy hoisting sling and grommet solutions for the most challenging applications – Conveying support through unequalled knowledge.


We do our utmost to be prominent as the leading manufacturer in our market segment. To persist in this challenge; safety, quality, service and skilled workmanship are the key factors within our company.

We aim to protect the safety and health of our personnel and environment, and to conduct all our operations reliably and efficiently.

To face the ever increasing demands of our customers we investigate, develop, test, innovate and explore new production methods, products and markets without compromising our excellent reputation that we have built up over the last years.


It is our vision to be recognized by our clients as the preferred supplier for our complete range of products and services.


Jan-Willem Visscher

Managing Director

United Offshore Services





Gabriele Henschel

Chief Executive Officer

United Offshore Services

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