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Production of Cable-laid Ropes

A cable-laid rope is an assembly of steel strands which are helically twisted around a steel core wire. The core wire serves as support and helps to avoid contact between the strands when the rope is loaded. Cable-laid rope is used for the production of cable-laid slings which are mainly utilized in the offshore heavy lifting industry. We at United Offshore Services have the disposal over a unique cable- laid rope (CLM 150) machine. The machine is used by our specialized employees to produce cable-laid ropes of high quality and precision. Each rope consists of 6 strands and a core wire with a combined diameter starting from 127 mm (5”) up to 533 mm (21”) in various lengths. Because of the variation in the demand we do not offer “off the shelf” ropes. Each cable-laid rope is engineered and made to suit a specific order. Experience has taught us that our process ensures that the customers’ needs can be met more sufficiently.

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